Not So Silly Journal
Rp. 149.000
Buku tidak tersedia
Oleh : Naela Ali
Penerbit : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
ISBN : 9786024812638
Rilis : 2019
Berat : 0.3 kg
Bahasa : Indonesia
Penilaian : belum dirating


This book is about you.
A 12 month undated planner where you have your freedom to start arranging your 'not-so-ordinary-plans.'
Filled with some fun activities to do when you're bored (or not).
Also included are some stickers to beautify the cover making it uniquely yours.
And if it's not enough, you can also get the 'Not so Silly Stickers & Postcard Book."
Go get them and make your journaling experience even more fun!



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