Fatimah: A Play in 8 Acts
Rp. 175.000
Oleh : Hoesin Bafagih
Penerbit : Lontar
ISBN : 9786026978813
Rilis : 2018
Halaman : 210
Berat : 0.3 kg
Bahasa : English
Penilaian : belum dirating
In Arab circles in the 1930s plays were staged not only to entertain but also to educate and emancipate the traditionally-oriented Arab minority. The playwrights wanted to emphasize that their community’s future lay in a free and independent Indonesia. Some plays were well received, other evoked protests. Fatimah was one that stirred up commotion. The play came as a slap in the face to traditional members of the Arab community, attacking their outdated ideas and practices, especially the role of religion in a secular state and the position of women. The play is as topical today as it was 80 years ago.



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