Rp. 150.000
Oleh : Toeti Heraty
Penerbit : Lontar
ISBN : 9786029144765
Rilis : 2018
Halaman : 122
Berat : 0.3 kg
Bahasa : Indonesia
Penilaian : belum dirating
In the poetry of Toeti Heraty, we witness human encounters in an age of conceit and the confessions of an ever-restless soul. Born into an illustrious family, Toeti never let societal conventions or family expectations prevent her from following her own, very independent, path in the pursuit of knowledge and personal expression. With higher degrees in psychology and philosophy, Toeti’s years of work in these fields very much informs her poetry, as does her experience as a scholar and successful businesswomen in a male-dominated culture. Many of Toeti’s poems give voice to the emotional struggles and disappointments of women. They show a clearly feminist influence; yet their way of confronting patriarchy is not always direct. Instead, Toeti often quietly questions the complicity of a world that represses women. A whole range of emotions reveal themselves in Toeti’s poetry; but if there is a unifying theme, it is the constant need in life for discovery and encounters and the equally strong need to analyze and to speak of one’s state of mind. Only through introspection and confession is one able to find the equilibrium to go forward and face new encounters.



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